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• National Payment Services specializes in number set allocation for major international lottery games.

• If you prefer a systematic approach to your game play then National Payment Services can provide you with number sets beyond standard random generation.

National Payment Services offers a unique opportunity where people who have no understanding of computer and algorithmic calculations can enter computer generated number allocations. This gives lottery players various advantages over just entering random numbers in their local lottery. Customers also have the opportunity to receive number allocations that guarantee divisional prizes along with the chance to receive the exact numbers that will match the 1st prize division numbers - this is achieved through allocation of every possible number set.

The number allocation program varies for each major lottery - depending on the country you lodge your tickets for. Other programs are available where customers can purchase number allocations that will avoid common number sets entered by other players hence increasing the dollar amount when a win is recorded.

It is important to note that National Payment Services do not sell or lodge lottery tickets on behalf of its customers. Entry in any given lottery must be carried out by the customer after they have acquired their number allocations.

National Payment Services -
“Providing You with Lotto Number Crunching strategies with the chance to WIN”